The Peace Project

This exhibition was put together to support the work of Maria Gallastegui – Parliament Square peace strike resident. She had her marvellous peace boxes constructed for living in the Square within the legal dimensions. My contribution was an image of the first oil strike in Iran by British prospectors.



26 May 1908

Adam and Eve break back into the garden of Eden

This woodcut was made for ‘The Glory of the Garden’, an exhibition at the Hastings Arts Forum in September. It is a woodcut on birch ply printed on 8 sheets of Nepali handmade paper. I cut too big a picture in too short a time.

Adam and Eve are based on friends in Galicia who have wild gardens that are a paradise. They have squatted an abandoned house and grow food to eat or give away. They are true Diggers of the Earth being a Common Treasury. This picture is a contribution to  changing the story of what is supposed to happen in the world. We can go back into the story of losing Paradise and change it.

Combe Haven Defenders



I’ve been doing practical application of drawing and map making to stop a road being built across our valley at Combe Haven, East Sussex.